Opening soon: Colour Revolution, Victorian Art, Fashion and Design

Thursday 21 Sep, 2023
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Our exhibition Colour Revolution, Victorian Art, Fashion and Design opens at the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) on 21st September 2023

Rediscover Victorian society as a vibrant colour-filled era – from dazzling dyes used in chic corsets, bold experiments by avant-garde painters, and the flamboyant use of nature’s beauty in jewellery.

As Britain’s industrial revolution gained pace, new scientific breakthroughs allowed the Victorians to become increasingly revolutionary in their use of colour, with new hues greeted with both excitement and suspicion.

The exhibition will include fashion pieces – from Queen Victoria’s monotone mourning dress to the most daringly vivid clothing and accessories – and works by artists including Ruskin, Rossetti and Whistler, as well as objects from around the world. The show explores the vital role that colour has played in shaping our art and culture.

For more information about this major outcome of the CHROMOTOPE project, please visit the Ashmolean Museum website

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