Wednesday 27 Nov, 2019 - Oxford
Invited lectures ‘Colour Matters’: Chromotope at GLAM Showcase

As part of GLAM’s Engaged Research Showcase, Charlotte Ribeyrol and Matthew Winterbottom will be presenting the European Research Council programme...

Thursday 23 Jan, 2020 - Paris, France
Conferences and seminars Official Launch of CHROMOTOPE

This ‘kick off’ meeting of CHROMOTOPE hosted by Sorbonne Université on 23rd January 2020 introduced the three partners of our...

Friday 6 Mar, 2020 - Paris
Invited lectures Colour and gender: ‘Du vert saphique : variations victoriennes’

Charlotte Ribeyrol's lecture entitled ‘Du vert saphique : variations victoriennes’ explored the controversial translation of Sappho’s chloros in Victorian poetry

Tuesday 10 Mar, 2020 - Oxford
Invited lectures Matthew Winterbottom: ‘Glowing Colour, from Turner to Whistler’

Matthew Winterbottom's lecture on our forthcoming exhibition at the Ashmolean.

Friday 16 Oct, 2020 - Tourtour, France
Residential study on colour

We are very grateful to the Fondation des Treilles for welcoming Charlotte Ribeyrol, from 7 – 16 October 2020. Our...

Saturday 27 Nov, 2021 - Paris
Invited lectures ‘A la Recherche de la Couleur’: Chromotope at Les Festives

Charlotte Ribeyrol and Tea Ghigo will present the Bookcase’s analysis results at Les Festives, Sorbonne Université’s inaugural Science and Culture...

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