To learn more about 19th century colour, please consult the team’s publications, our colour bibliography and/or colour database.

Our publications

Illustration of Mille Façon de penser l'Arc-en-Ciel


Adeline Grand-Clément and Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘Mille façons de penser l’arc-en-ciel’ La Recherche Jan-Mar 2022

The smells and senses of antiquity in the modern imagination cover


Adeline Grand-Clément and Charlotte Ribeyrol (eds.), The Smells and Senses of Antiquity in the Modern Imagination, Bloomsbury, 2022

A cultural history of color in the age of industry

Book chapter 

Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘Religion and Ritual’ in The Cultural History of Colour in the Age of Industry, edited by Alexandra Loske, London, Bloomsbury, 2021, pp.89-109.

Victorian Literature & Culture Vol.49 special issue 4


Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘Verdeurs: Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray, And The Colors Of Decadence’ Victorian Literature & Culture, vol.41, winter 2021


Colour Database

The CHROMOTOPE research database (forthcoming) will compile a wide range of 19th century texts on colour. This open-access archive will shed light on how colour was described, displayed, classified and taught primarily in Britain, France and Germany but also throughout the world during this pivotal period. It will bring together visually and analytically scientific and literary discussions of colour and, whenever applicable, their colour illustrations. This research tool, based on cross-disciplinary collaboration, will be enriched throughout the duration of the project. If you wish to contribute to the CHROMOTOPE database, please let us know by using the contact form.

Colour Bibliography

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