Charlotte RIBEYROL

Charlotte Ribeyrol is Associate Professor in 19thcentury British Literature at Sorbonne Université in Paris.


A Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France and of the Young Academy of Europe, Charlotte Ribeyrol’s main field of research is Victorian Hellenism and the reception of the colours of the past in 19th-century painting and literature.

In 2014-2016 she co-directed a major interdisciplinary project on chromatic materiality (POLYRE, IDEX Sorbonne Universités) with chemists and archeologists, which led to the publication of a collection of essays entitled The Colours of the Past in Victorian England(2016).  Following her Marie Curie Fellowship (COPAST) at Trinity College, Oxford (2016-2018), she was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant to explore the 19thcentury ‘chromatic turn’.

Role within Chromotope

Charlotte Ribeyrol is the Principal Investigator of CHROMOTOPE. She is also the lead curator of the exhibition on Victorian colour which will take place at the Ashmolean Museum in 2022.


Selected publications

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, Arcs-en-ciel et couleurs : regards comparatifs (with A. Dubois, A. Grand-Clément, Jean-Baptiste Eczet), CNRS Editions, 2018.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘John Singer Sargent and the fin de siècle culture of mauve’ eds. Liz Renes and Emily Moore, Visual Culture in Britain, vol.18, n°3, 2018, 1-22.


  • Charlotte Ribeyrol,  ‘“A world of material splendour”: Walter Pater and the paradox of Greek sculptural polychromy’, ed. Philippe Jockey, KERMES 101-102, 2018,89-98.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘From Galatea to Tanagra: Victorian translations of the controversial colours of Greek sculpture’. Hellenomania. Eds. K. Harloe, A. Farnoux, and N. Momigliano. Routledge, 2017, 175-190.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, The Colours of the Past in Victorian England. Oxford, Peterlang, 2016.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘Victorian rainbow makers: variations on colour poetics’, in Unstable states, mutable conditions. Ed. Cornelius Crowley. Angles. N°4, December 2016.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, ‘“Gleaming with gold and blue and cinnabar”: William Morris’s colourful revision of the myth of the Golden Fleece’. L’or et l’art. Ed. C. Delyfer. Polysèmes, n°15, 2016.

  • Charlotte Ribeyrol, « Étrangeté, passion, couleur », L’hellénisme de Swinburne, Pater et Symonds (1865-1880),Grenoble, ELLUG, 2013.

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