Kelly Domoney is Conservation Manager (Preventive, Science and Technical) at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.


Kelly Domoney’s research employs the use of non-destructive analytical techniques in the examination of 3D and 2D works of art to investigate issues surrounding manufacturing techniques, technology, conservation, attribution, restoration and dating. She works across all materials, with a focus on pigments, ceramics, metals and organics.

She trained as an Archaeologist and Objects Conservator at University College London (1995-8; 2006-9) and as a Conservation and Archaeological Scientist at Cranfield University (2009-12) where she wrote her doctoral thesis on the characterisation, dating and attribution of Meissen and Sèvres porcelain using non-destructive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. She held the Hagop Kervorkian Curatorial Research Fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New  York (2002-4), Research Fellowship in Forensic Archaeomaterials (2012-15) and Lectureship in Conservation and Archaeological Science (2015-16) at Cranfield University before moving to the Ashmolean in 2016.  

Role within Chromotope

Kelly Domoney will be mentoring the conservator hired by CHROMOTOPE to carry out a full pigment analysis on Burges’s Great Bookcase.


Selected publications

  • Tea Ghigo, Daniel Bone, David Howell, Kelly Domoney, Michele Gironda, Andy Beeby, ‘Material Characterization of William Burges’ Great Bookcase within the Disruption of a Global Pandemic’, Studies in Conservation, 2022.

  • Leoni, F., Norris, D., Domoney, K., Shortland, A., Moujan, M.  “The Illusion of an Authentic Experience”: A Lustre Bowl in the Ashmolean Museum.Muqarnas 36, 2019.

  • Kelly Domoney,  Handheld XRF analysis of porcelain and its decorative components. Analytical Methods (2017) 9: 2371-2374.

  • Kelly Domoney,  and Gardner. E. Non-destructive technical investigation of tin-glazed ceramics in the Ashmolean Museum. In T. Wilson, Italian Maiolica and Europe: Medieval and Later Italian Pottery in the Ashmolean Museum. University of Oxford, 2017.

  • Mulholland, R., Howell, D. Beeby, A. Nicholson, C. and Domoney, K. Identifying eighteenth century pigments at the Bodleian library using in situ Raman spectroscopy, XRF and hyperspectral imaging. Heritage Science 5:43. 2-19, 2017.

  • Dunster, J. and Domoney, K., Scientific analysis of coloured grounds and enamel decoration on Worcester porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum, in R. Sword (ed.), The Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum. University of Oxford, 2017.

  • Sully, D. and Domoney, K., Conservation of the Artefacts, in G. Milne and D. Sully (eds), The Gresham Ship Project: Researching a Tudor Ship from the Thames, Volume II Contents and Context, 23-52. British BAR Series 606, 2014.

  • Uden, J., Domoney, K. and Charlton, A., Pesticide Residues on the Cook-Voyage Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. Proceedings of the ICOM-CC Conference, Melbourne, September 2014. ICOM.

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