Just published: ‘Giving a New Status to a Dyes Collection: A Contribution to the Chromotope Project’

We are pleased to share Irene Bilbao Zubiri 's and Anne-Laure Carré's article just published in a special issue of Heritage (section Museum and Heritage, 2023)


Team members Irene Bilbao Zubiri and Anne-Laure Carré contributed to the Special Issue of Heritage on Museum and Heritage “Dyes in History and Archeology 41” (2023).

In this article, the authors “reappraise the role played by the Cnam in the dissemination of knowledge about synthetic dyes, from the creation in 1852 of the first chair in dyeing and printing until the Interwar period, when a collection of dyes including more than 2500 references, obtained from major European firms, was formed. A full inventory based on the description of each container has just been made together with a bibliographical research. Nevertheless, 2% of the containers are unlabeled and the reattribution of their composition is the main goal of our study. In order to set an appropriate analysis protocol to identify these orphan containers, a preliminary work was conducted on a random selection of identified dyes. For this purpose, electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy were used on 13 samples from different dye classes. The relevance of this protocol will be discussed for the identification of unknown compounds.”

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